‘Deutschland-Ticket’: Germany's monthly €49 ticket for trains, buses and trams is now on sale

On Monday 3 April, Germany’s monthly €49 nationwide public transport ticket went on sale.

The ticket will be valid on local and regional transport throughout the country from 1 May. 

Customers can now pre-purchase the ‘Deutschland-Ticket’ or ‘D-Ticket’ on Deutsche Bahn’s website and app, and from transport companies across Germany. It is available as a digital subscription that can be cancelled monthly.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing said in November that the move was aimed at cutting emissions and helping people to cope with the cost of living crisis.

In summer 2022, a €9 per month ticket was introduced as an experiment. The new ticket raises that to €49 or around €1.60 per day.

Where is the Deutschland

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