Windows 10 passes 800 million devices

Microsoft says that Windows 10 has reached more than 800 million devices. This is 100 million more than it had six months ago

When Windows 10 was launched—and when Windows on phones was expected to add tens of millions of devices—Microsoft set itself a target of one billion devices within two to three years.

The end of its smartphone ambitions put paid to that hope, but Windows 10 is nonetheless the fastest-growing version of Windows of all time.

If it can continue to grow at 100 million devices every six months, then the one billion target should be about a year away. There’s a good chance that the growth rate might actually tick up over the next year, due to Windows 7’s impending end of support. In nine months, the operating system released in 2009 will drop out of free support (though paid support options will remain), and many hundreds of millions of corporate users are still using it. While some users will inevitably keep with what they know, most are likely better served by upgrading.

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