Win part of a $4,500 prize pool in the 2019 Ars Technica Charity Drive

It’s once again that special time of year when we give you a chance to do well by doing good. That’s right—it’s time for the 2019 edition of our annual Charity Drive.

Every year since 2007, we’ve been actively encouraging readers to give to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity, which provides toys and games to kids being treated in hospitals around the world.

In recent years, we’ve added the Electronic Frontier Foundation to our annual charity push, aiding in their efforts to defend Internet freedom. This year, as always, we’re providing some extra incentive for those donations by offering donors a chance to win pieces of our big pile of vendor-provided swag. We can’t keep it (ethically), and we don’t want it clogging up our offices anyway. So, it’s now yours to win.

This year’s swag pile is full of high-value geek goodies. We have over 50 prizes amounting to over $4,500 in value, including game consoles, computer accessories, collectibles, smartwatches, and more. In 2018, Ars readers raised over $20,000 for charity, contributing to a total haul of more than $300,000 since 2007. We want to raise even more this year, and we can do it if readers really dig deep.

How it works

Donating is easy. Simply donate to Child’s Play using PayPal or donate to the EFF using PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin. You can also support Child’s Play directly by picking an item from the Amazon wish list of a specific hospital on its donation page. Donate as much or as little as you feel comfortable with—every little bit helps.

Once that’s done, it’s time to register your entry in our sweepstakes. Just grab a digital copy of your receipt (a forwarded email, a screenshot, or simply a cut-and-paste of the text) and send it to [email protected] with your name, postal address, daytime telephone number, and email address by 11:59pm ET Monday, January 6, 2020. (One entry per person, and each person can only win up to one prize. US residents only. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. See official rules for more information, including how to enter without making a donation. Also refer to the Ars Technica privacy policy.)

We’ll then contact the winners and have them choose their prize by January 31 (choosing takes place in the order the winners are drawn).

The prizes

Here are quick descriptions of some of the biggest, most desirable prizes in this year’s contest. See page two for a complete list of available prizes.

Gears 5 Xbox One X bundle

Get in on 4K gaming with this console bundle. It includes a black 1TB Xbox One X, a downloadable copy of , two controllers, a controller charging dock, an art book, novelization, a Marcus Fenix toy, a branded Rockstar energy drink can, and more.

GAEMS G170 Sentinel Personal Gaming Environment

Take your HD gaming on the go with this combination console carrying case and 17.3″ IPS FHD display. It features improved sound quality and viewing angles over previous GAEMS carrying cases, and it comes with a power supply, accessory bag, cables, and a remote control.

Logitech G Powerplay wireless charge gaming mouse set

Enjoy the freedom of a wireless gaming mouse without the hassle of having to stop the action to plug in or replace the batteries, thanks to the wireless induction charging in the G Powerplay charging mat. This includes the charging mat (with hard and soft surfaces), G703 and G903 series mice, accessories, and cables for wired gaming options.

Sega Genesis Mini and “Tower of Power” accessories

The Genesis Mini is one of the finest “plug and play” retro consoles out there. But it becomes even cooler with the cosmetic “Tower of Power” set, which adds a miniature replica Sega CD, 32X, and a  cartridge to the mix. While the “Tower of Power” bundle is on sale in Japan, this US edition was provided exclusively to press.

Nothing grabbing your eye yet? The next page has dozens more prizes you can win by entering. Have a look!

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