Valve acquires Firewatch developer Campo Santo

Valve has acquired Campo Santo, known for the outdoor exploration game , the developer announced late Saturday. The 12-person team will relocate to Valve’s Bellevue, Washington headquarters as it continues work on , a search for treasure in an Egyptian desert.

“In Valve we found a group of folks who, to their core, feel the same way about the work that they do (this, you may be surprised to learn, doesn’t happen every day),” Campo Santo wrote in its announcement post.

“In us, they found a group with unique experience and valuable, diverse perspectives. It quickly became an obvious match.”

Campo Santo went on to say that the decision came after “a series of long conversations” about values and “how, when you get right down to it, we, as human beings, are hard-limited by the time we have left when it comes to making the things we care about and believe in.”

The acquisition is a bit of a surprise for Valve, which in recent years has put much more focus on game distribution platform Steam, VR, and other hardware efforts, as well as upgrades to existing titles like , rather than creating new games. The PC gaming giant did recently unveil , a digital card game based in the universe.

Work also supposedly continues on three “full” VR games that Valve announced over a year ago, though no new details have emerged in the meantime. Valve is “very committed; they are still committed to delivering on that promise,” HTC Vive General Manager Dan O’Brien said in a recent interview with Glixel.

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