UK clothing company: Oops, our trademark doesn’t cover

For the second time in a month, lawyers have told the Electronic Frontier Foundation that their legal claims were sent in error.

On Wednesday, lawyers representing the British fashion company ASOS sent a short email to Daniel Nazer, an EFF attorney, apologizing for a recent cease-and-desist letter over a claimed trademark infringement.

“Clearly the C&D letter should never have been sent,” the letter states. “We are taking the matter very seriously and are investigating how this happened. Of course, ASOS would like to assure you that we will not be taking any further action and will ensure appropriate correspondence is sent as soon as possible to confirm this.”

As Ars reported Tuesday, the spat stems from a domain name——which was purchased as a way to poke fun at a Rudy Giuliani tweet, which contained the accidental URL.

ASOS told a California Web developer who bought the domain name that it violated its trademark, as the company sells a line of clothing known as “COLLUSION.”

EFF sternly told the company that it did not violate the trademark, leading to the reversal.

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