The next Xbox has a name and a new design: Behold, 2020’s Xbox Series X

The next Xbox console, slated to launch in holiday 2020, finally has a name: Xbox Series X. The system that was formerly dubbed Project Scarlett also has a bold, vertical design and a slightly modified controller, as seen in the above gallery.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer took the stage at Thursday night’s The Game Awards to reveal the new monolith-shaped console, which Gamespot reports is roughly as wide as an Xbox One controller and roughly three times as tall.

Its appearance came at the end of a trailer full of apparent Xbox Series X “real-time” rendering, which included Halo’s Master Chief, a red sports car (potentially from the Xbox-exclusive racing series Forza), and a soccer match.

Important details were confirmed by a few angles of the new Xbox console: an apparent disc drive; a vent-covered top with either painted or backlit green coloring; and a slightly modified update to the Xbox One gamepad. This new controller looks largely like the current generation’s default controller, but it has a new circle base to its d-pad and a new button in the controller’s middle that resembles an “upload” icon from Windows. Spencer has confirmed that this will function as a “share” button (much like a similar button on PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4) and that the new Series X controller will be compatible with existing Xbox One systems, not just the new Xbox Series X.

In a press release issued shortly after the Game Awards reveal, Microsoft confirmed good news for anybody with tightly organized shelves near their gaming TV of choice: the Xbox Series X “supports both vertical and horizontal orientation.”

Spencer spoke at The Game Awards to offer a few sales pitches about the console, though most of these were repeats of statements from this year’s E3 reveal. He told players to expect to be “instantly absorbed in your games,” presumably hinting to the console’s reliance on SSD architecture for faster game loads. He emphasized three bullet points: “performance, speed, and compatibility.” And he announced that “our 15 Xbox game studios” are all working on games for the new console before revealing the first game built with Xbox Series X in mind: , made by Ninja Theory (a studio Microsoft formally acquired in 2018).

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