The Last of Us Pt. II headlines PlayStation event with trailer, Feb. 2020 launch

Sony’s latest “State of Play” video event ended with a release-date unveil for the highly anticipated PlayStation-exclusive game : February 21, 2020.

The release date came at the end of a new, revealing trailer for the Naughty Dog game, which finally showed original hero Joel in real-time gameplay, as opposed to his brief cameo in a 2016 teaser.

Every trailer since the game’s 2016 reveal has focused on Ellie as the lead character, and Tuesday’s trailer opened up with more backstory about Ellie and her apparent new partner, an unnamed woman, surviving in a snowy outpost.

After embarking on horseback and taking on apparent open-world missions, Ellie suffers a vague setback, prompting her to return to the jungle-overgrowth cities that marked so much of the 2013 original. The trailer includes a smattering of new, dangerous foes, human and monster alike, along with a vague call by Ellie to face a rising, unexplained threat: “I have to finish it. You can’t stop this.” Once Joel appears, he seems to be in agreement with this plan: “You think I’d let you do this on your own?”

Today’s reveal follows social media alerts emanating from games journalists at a -branded location, which seems to hint at more information to come about the 2020 game before long.

The rest of Sony’s State Of Play video revolved largely around the console’s end-of-2019 slate of video games, though it wasn’t packed with other surprise blockbusters for this year. A new campaign trailer for next month’s went into further detail than what we learned during this summer’s E3, though mostly in a superficial, movie-trailer way: war’s afoot, a Middle Eastern country has been wronged and poisoned by outsiders, and a soldier from that unnamed nation is uniting with Western military forces to fight back.

We also learned that is coming to PS4 on November 22, though publisher 2K Games immediately clarified that it’s coming to Xbox One the same day. On the PlayStation VR front, Sony announced two games we hadn’t yet heard of for the platform by “Winter 2019:” the sci-fi flight sim and the stealth-action game . Sony’s presser didn’t make clear whether these would be PSVR exclusive, but they’ll be joined on PSVR before year’s end by a port of the solid VR melee-brawler and a new VR game.

For the rest of the announcements, which mostly include looks at indie games like , check out the embedded 22-minute video below.

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