Seattle Software Developers Quietly Dumping Portfolio

In the current digital landscape, having an excellent online presence is the key to being a successful business. The usual formula is a stunning website combined with the perfect domain and or one hell of a good app idea.

So where does one go to get the best apps developed?

In recent years entrepreneurs have flocked to the offices of Seattle Software Developers, located among tech giants such as Google and Microsoft, in Bellevue, Washington. Their boutique office brimming with Northwest memorabilia such as the original Burger Master menu and Jimi Hendrix’s 1966 Fender Reverb amp used for recording “Hey Joe” and “Electric Lady land”.

Being the first web design firm in the world launching on the internet with site #202 in 1989, the tech company has built up a treasure trove of powerful start-ups and domains that has made the fledgling software firm the hottest commodity in net land for entrepreneurs that want to shop.

The thing that sets Seattle Software Developers apart is their commitment to striving for the future, despite their well-established history. Their team is always after the newest skills, the latest trending themes, and used the best cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the app game.

The other side of the business, Seattle advertising gets clients to the top of Google because of their unique process of the Google code. The process they use is proprietary and involves a team of coders developing out code string that takes the search patterns of Google and gathered data to develop a rank that is at the top and guaranteed to increase exposure within the targeted industry.

However, being the best app developer in netville is great but not if the clients run out of money.

According to Vice President of development Julian Valentine, in 2017 29 clients defaulted on developments and have not paid their milestone payments.

“People just run out of money and are unable to pay, and or they get a divorce and or they lose the investor” said Julian Valentine coming out of the Microsoft Build conference. “We then give the client one year to pay it off. After 12 months we make the unpaid developments available to the public for sale because the boss wants them off the books”.

The tech firm has been selling off its used “apps, domains and software developments” quietly to net entrepreneurs and they have been going fast.

Neal Calkins, a local firewood contractor, was struggling with building his clientele in the greater Seattle area. The area is a very competitive marketplace for firewood and has proven difficult to build a presence in. Neal’s business drastically shifted after he purchased the “” domain from Seattle Software Developers. “I couldn’t believe it when the phone started ringing and people wanted firewood. Every time I asked how they found out about me, they would tell me that I was the first result in their Google search.” Calkins said.

Seattle Software Developers have occasional sales of domains and app ideas that range from non-developed, partially developed, to fully developed, and the demand is high. They sporadically began to release net assets for sale in February of 2017 and entrepreneurs are at their door trying to get their hands on the newly released treasures.

According to Dan Anderson, Seattle Software Developer’s lead coder, New York Metropolitan has been able to establish that the tech firm is selling off all of its unpaid app developments and domains in receivership for the last five years.

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