Report: Netflix will continue streak of video game series with Resident Evil

Hours before the newest Resident Evil video game reaches PCs and game consoles, a report has linked the zombie-horror franchise to relatively new territory: a deal with Netflix.

Deadline has what appears to be a very early scoop on the news. Reporter Nellie Andreeva firmly claimed on Thursday that the horror series is “coming to television” and that Netflix has claimed it as a “global original,” courtesy of German film and TV production company Constantin Film.

If that name doesn’t sound familiar, it’s the company responsible for all six live-action Resident Evil films released between 2002 and 2016. Each film starred Milla Jovovich, and while the 2016 entry was subtitled “The Final Chapter” and was formally described as the film series’ finale, its events left a sizable hole in the plot to make room for a follow-up story.

Deadline’s report indicates that the film series’ take on the fictional Umbrella Corporation, which loosed a zombifying outbreak on Earth’s populace, will remain the driver of the Netflix series’ stories. The news didn’t include a single director, writer, producer, or actor.

Netflix’s portfolio of exclusive game-related series will thus grow if this deal comes to fruition, joining the likes of , , and a still-in-development series based on The Witcher. As of press time, neither Netflix nor Constantin have made any announcements or comments about Deadline’s report.

Thursday’s news doesn’t appear to get in the way of Constantin’s plans to additionally reboot the film series with a new cast, but its reporting on that part of the story has shifted. Screenwriter Greg Russo (tied to an in-development Mortal Kombat film) was originally linked to the series’ next film, but Andreeva’s report now says a relatively unknown British filmmaker by the name of Johannes Roberts () will be that movie’s writer and director.

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