Putting Sony’s 4.2 million PSVR sales in context

Nearly three years after consumer virtual reality became a real thing, the market is still trying to determine whether it’s a growing market niche or a dwindling technological fad. Entering into that debate this week comes Sony, which is now trumpeting 4.2 million PlayStation VR headset sales through March 3 of this year.

While 4.2 million is certainly a big number in and of itself, its actual import depends a lot on what you’re comparing it to. So to put Sony’s latest report in context, we’ve gathered a bevy of relevant comparison numbers for you to peruse in both chart and list form. Use this as a handy reference for your next debate about whether console virtual reality is a “dead end” or not.

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(Source: RoadToVR analysis of Steam survey results; updates through Feb. 2019 used with permission)

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