Once again, engage: Picard trailer feels like the next Next Generation

All eyes were on San Diego Comic Con’s Star Trek panel this year, as anticipation continues to build for , the first Trek entry to feature Sir Patrick Stewart since the 2002 film . And on Saturday, the series’ handlers at CBS didn’t disappoint.

A whopping two-minute trailer went well past “teaser” status with a smorgasbord of story, action, and detail for this CBS All-Access exclusive, all clarifying what little we knew from the first teaser in May. Picard’s retirement to a vineyard was further clarified: it came, in part, because “Commander Data sacrificed his life for me.” (This plot point is emphasized in the new trailer by Picard examining Data’s body parts, all spread out and disconnected in a storage facility.)

Roughly two decades after that calamity, however, a mysterious, unnamed woman (Isa Briones) finds Picard on his retirement grounds and pleads with him: “Everything inside of me says that I’m safe with you.” The woman’s shapeshifting powers and athletic prowess are put on display before Picard returns to an apparent Starfleet outpost. That’s where he declares his hunch to an admiral: “If she is who I think she is, she is in serious danger.”

From there, the trailer yadda-yadda-yaddas to a point where Picard takes interstellar travel into his own hands—and is supported by a brand-new cast of shipmates, all while facing dire-sounding cries about the woman in question. “She has no idea what she truly is,” one crew member says. “She’s the end of all!” a pinned-down Vulcan later declares.

We get hints of Picard taking off and landing on various outposts. In one of these sequences, he pours a drink in a dimly lit office before being greeted by a familiar voice, “The hell are you doing out here—saving the galaxy?” This voice comes from Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), who pops up in other brief trailer moments as if to indicate she’s not relegated to single-cameo status. The same cannot be said for Data (Brent Spiner), who we only see briefly play a game of cards with Picard. We can only speculate how much that beloved character will appear in the new TV series.

The trailer’s reveal at SDCC included confirmation that a few other stars will feature in the series, including Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh) and Jonathan Frakes (Riker), although those stars’ reveals will have to wait for another day. Until then, we at least get a peek at new cast members Alison Pill (), Michelle Hurd (Netflix’s ), Harry Treadaway (), and Santiago Cabrera ().

One additional fun reveal came at the event: a new CBS All-Access animated series titled . This series’ announcement did not come with a trailer, but we shouldn’t have to wait long to see more, as is expected to drop in 2020.

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