Matt Groening’s first fantasy-cartoon series finally has release date, screens

confirmed via Twitter on Wednesday. Netflix also took the opportunity to reveal a few preview screens of the fantasy-obsessed series, which—as we expected—looks like Tolkien through a bug-eyed, filter.

The series’ title, , along with its cast and concept, were announced last summer. Groening has been joined by longtime showrunner Josh Weinstein and a remarkable number of animators and voice actors to build a new elves-and-castles-and-dragons cartoon series.

‘s three primary voice actors, meanwhile, are relative newcomers to the Groening animation universe, with Abby Jacobson () voicing the princess Bean, Nat Faxon as the shrimpy elf named, er, Elfo, and Eric Andre as a trickster demon named Luci.

Today’s new screens give us a better look at how those three characters will look and interact with each other. In addition to a mix of fighting, laughing, and drinking, we get a hint of Luci’s potential powers in the form of a reverse shadow in one shot. Based on what Netflix revealed last year, we expect 10 of the series’ ordered 20 episodes to debut when August 17 rolls around. Ars will be there with coverage as soon as Netflix lets us loose on Groening-and-co.’s latest endeavor.

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