Dealmaster: There’s a bunch of newer video games on sale at Amazon today

Notable titles such as and are all at the lowest prices we’ve seen, or close to it, but the sale also includes brand-new titles as well. and , all of which came out within the past two months, are the newest and arguably biggest titles on sale right, and now you can get and for around $37.50 and for $44.99.

Almost all of the games in Amazon’s sale have extra discounts tacked on at checkout, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the sale price immediately when you add them to your cart. The additional savings will be accounted for when you see the final price right before you place your order.

While these are some of the lowest prices we’ve seen for these games, it’s possible that Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring even steeper discounts. That’s never a guarantee, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the next occasions when we could expect video game discounts like these before the end of the year. We’re also unsure how long this Amazon sale will run, so fi there’s a title you’ve been eyeing, it may be worth it to snag it sooner rather than later.

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