Dealmaster: The best Black Friday 2018 gaming deals we can find

Greetings, Arsians! The Dealmaster is back with another round of deals to share.

Friday itself may not have actually started yet here in the US, but Friday is already in full swing, with many notable discounts already available. We’re curating the best general tech deals we’ve seen in a separate list, but since so many of those deals specifically pertain to video games, we figured it’d only make sense to sort those out on their own.

Below is a roundup of the best discounts on consoles, controllers, subscriptions, and, of course, games that we’ve found thus far. While most retailers’ Black Friday video game deals focus on the PS4 and Xbox One more than the Nintendo Switch and PC, the Dealmaster plans to spend the next 24 hours picking through the Black Friday heap for deals across the board. If there’s a title you’ve been looking to pick up on the cheap—or if you just have a compulsive need to buy any game that’s available at an attractive-looking price—be sure to check back throughout the day.

Game Console, Hardware, and Subscription Deals

PS4 Deals

Nintendo Switch Deals

Xbox One Deals

PC Gaming Deals

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