Dealmaster: Buy a Google Pixel 3, get $800 off a second in credits

Greetings, Arsians! Courtesy of our friends at TechBargains, we have another round of deals to share. Today’s list is headlined by the handful of pre-order deals that are out there for Google’s Pixel 3 phones, which the tech giant launched earlier this week.

Now, our first impressions of the new hardware aren’t incredibly positive, and we’d recommend waiting for our review to drop before making any judgments if you’re on the fence.

If you’re dead set on only buying from Google, though, there are a handful of special offers available. Verizon has a BOGO deal that ultimately takes $800 off a second Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL phone, while Best Buy is offering a $100 store gift card with a purchase. Google’s Project Fi is offering a $799 credit deal for new users as well.

Per usual, these offers come with heavy caveats. Best Buy’s offer is for new Verizon activations only—not those who just buy the phone unlocked—and requires a monthly installment plan. The “$800 off” deal at Verizon and Best Buy, meanwhile, comes in the form of 24 monthly bill credits, each worth $33.33 a month. That means you’ll still be paying for two phones upfront and you’ll have to stick with Verizon and the Pixel 3 phone for two years to get all money back. Project Fi’s deal requires that you have an existing member on a group plan and buy two Pixel 3 devices, at which point the $799 credit will be put toward a new user added to that same plan.

So, yeah, not the most straightforward stuff. But if you’re getting a Pixel 3 on Verizon anyway, money back is still money back. If you’d rather not deal with this, though, we also have deals on cult-favorite Grado headphones, the Nvidia Shield TV, Dell laptops, and more below.

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