Beezer Mobile Power Banks Keeping You Charged and Connected!

With their brand-new, stylish, state of the art mobile power banks, Beezer is ready to keep you charged without slowing you down.

In this day and age, our smart phones are our best friends. We do everything together, from work, to play, to planning the in between. It’s not just about social media and texting, but keeping track of our schedules, keeping an eye on our home security, and even making sure our loved ones get home safely. It’s more important than ever to make sure our devices are charged and allow us to stay on top of our busy lives—but how do you do that when you are on the go? Beezer has the answer.

Unlike other basic power banks, Beezer is the world’s most advanced portable charger. Their streamlined portable charging banks work with all phones, including Apple, Android, and even wearable devices. With its Lithium Polymer battery and it’s 12-watt fast charge, your days of hunting for an outlet are over.

We polled five of our most tech savvy staff writers (who are constantly jumping from event to event) to understand what they need from their devices. And guess what? Spoiler alert, we found that Beezer’s charger could meet all of their needs.

Robin, our Travel writer, has very limited space for extras when he’s on the road and has to travel light.

“I’m on plane three out of the four weeks in a month. My job means I constantly have a bag packed and ready to go. Because I’m so active, I don’t like to check bags—ever! So, my devices have to fit into a carry on without taking up too much space. Sometimes it’s just me, a backpack, my passport, and a phone. I don’t have room for a bunch of charging cords or extra batteries, and there have definitely been times where my phone has died at the worst possible moment. Last month, I flew into Savannah to cover a new hotel opening and my flight was delayed five hours. My phone died, I couldn’t find an outlet to charge, and I was scrambling to find a way to let my local contacts know. Maybe I should get a bigger bag? I just hate the idea of being bogged down by heavy extras or the thought of wasting time at the baggage claim.”

Or Robin could pick up one of Beezer’s ultra slim designed battery packs! The advanced ultralight materials make it easy to carry and small enough for a pocket, a small bag pouch, or even in your hand. With its smart carrying case, you don’t have to worry about missing a cord or a call. Each Beezer battery pack comes ready to charge a cell phone three times, a smart watch four times, and a tablet twice. That means you won’t have to pack multiple power banks or sacrifice any of your devices. Even a pack-a-phobe like Justin would be able to find room in their bag for the slim, elegant, Beezer pack without having to get a bigger suitcase.

Tanner, our Sports writer, sheepishly showed us her cracked phone screen and admitted she needs all of her devices to be sturdy.

“Not only do I attend loads of sporting events, but I work out five days a week. I rock climb, I run, I do horseback riding, and I have two young boys—everything I own has to be basically indestructible. Between my job and my boys, everything I own gets put to the test! I can’t tell you the number of phones I’ve dropped while traveling and then I end up not being able to get photos, take notes, or stay in touch with my colleagues. I know it’s a problem, so I’m reluctant to buy another thing I have to worry about breaking. How durable are the Beezer packs?”

If anything can stand up to a couple of toddlers and some errant baseballs, it’s the ultra-durable Beezer power pack. The use the world’s safest lithium-ion polymer to guarantee quality and structural integrity. As well, the power packs are designed with your protection in mind. They are constructed with guards against surging, overcharges, short circuits and other concerns. And if something does go wrong? Beezer has an amazing 18-month warrantee for all quality-related issues. They’ve got you covered with a refund or replacement if the device doesn’t perform. So even if you’re carrying it up a mountain to make sure you can snap a shot of the view, you can climb easy knowing that your battery pack has your back.

While durability, performance, and a slim profile are important to Dallas, our Fashion and Style writer had more aesthetic concerns.

“Listen, have you seen my shoes? I don’t buy anything based on comfort, it’s all about being cute. It took me three weeks to pick a phone case because I wanted something neutral and sophisticated, but not frumpy. As a fashion writer and style blogger, I need to make sure my devices inspire me. I don’t like anything too functional looking, it needs to be clean and bold. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and my phone isn’t just a boring basic object, it’s something I use to stay connected to designers, clients, artists, and fans. But the reality is that I kill my battery, like, three times a day. I’ve been stuck after late night events with a dead phone and no way to get back to my hotel. And when I’m traveling? I go nuts trying to discretely find a place to plug in. A battery pack sounds like a good idea, but is it some ugly, bulky looking thing?”

Aesthetic needs were not sacrificed when Beezer was designing their power banks. They come in dozens of amazing colors, from hot pink to crisp white to retro mustard yellow. Fashionistas like Dallas can coordinate with their phones, outfits, bags, or wearables to make sure their look is always #OOTD ready. The sleek carrying case and color-matched cords have a refined silhouette that redefines function as the new fashion. And with their amazingly affordable price-point, you can accessorize smartly with multiple colors and patterns.

Stefanie, our Editorial Assistant, is all about going green. Anything she owns has to be consciously constructed and have a minimal impact on the planet.

“I know it’s kind of corny, but I started our office’s composting program and have gotten three departments to go paperless. I try to buy everything used and only shop with companies who are committed to having minimal environmental footprints. Batteries in general kind of freak me out—especially disposing of them. But I also run a ton of errands as part of my job and I need to stay connected to my boss, so I have to be so mindful about keeping my phone charged. It would be awesome to have a way to do that when I’m out running around, but not if it’s going to contribute to harming our planet.”

Good news, Stef! Beezer is committed to a lasting charge for your devices and a lasting future for our planet. In order to keep cheap, disposable accessories out of landfills, they construct their battery packs out of top quality materials. Sure, you can pick up a little power bank for $5, but you’ll have to replace it in a few weeks. Beezer’s battery packs are built to be durable, reliable, and lasting. When you buy a great product, you can be confident that it’s a long-term investment over short term solutions that end up in the trash. And with their minimal packaging and sturdy design, you won’t create extra waste with your purchase.

One of our most tech-obsessed writers, Grayson, manages our Current Events staff and stays synced with an iPhone and an Android tablet. What is he looking for?

“Our editorial team uses tablets to manage our story schedule, to run our Slack channel, and to preview story layouts. I am literally attached to my tablet for ten hours a day and at least a few on the weekends. I also need my iPhone for calls, texts, social media, and yes—Candy Crush. I have to blow off steam! So, it’s important to me that I can charge one of my devices while using the other, since access to both is necessary for my job and my sanity. I’ve used a few power banks in the past but they aren’t always compatible with both devices and I get sick of having to carry extra ones around or leave one of my devices plugged in at my desk when I step away.”

Even for someone with a demanding schedule like Grayson who requires two devices to stay connected, Beezer has the solution. Their power banks accommodate all devices, including smart watches and tablets. Not only do you get multiple charges from one fully charged power bank, but you can seamlessly switch between manufacturers. Being device agnostic is just another way Beezer designs with you in mind!

Finally, we spoke with Jason, our Advertising manager. Jason has three pets, four children, and one more on the way—he needs to know everyone is safe while he’s away!

“My wife is pregnant, we have a nanny and a dog sitter, and I am the touchstone for everyone. I coordinate all school pickups, plus I’m on call just in case our new baby decides to come early. Luckily, I don’t travel as much as I used to, but I cannot let my phone die. It gets tricky because if I need to go cover an event my office job doesn’t go away—so I need to be available to help my team, respond to emails, and talk to clients. If my phone dips below 50% charged, I start to panic! I know, I know, I can always find a place to charge, but it’s difficult for me to find the time to step away from my phone. I guess you could say I have FOMO—fear of missing out!”

With Beezer power bank’s lightweight design, portability, reliability, and powerful battery, Jason is covered. While not everyone has as crazy of a life as he does, it’s important to trust that you can stay connected. There’s no need to stress about family or work when a full charge from the 10,000 MAH battery is at your fingertips.

From the most stylish to the most functional, our entire team agrees that Beezer made us feel seen. Their commitment to environmental impact, their design integrity, and their relentless dedication to quality are so unique in our fast-then-trash culture of disposable technology and we all liked knowing that our dollars were supporting a company with vision and credibility. And let’s be real–we cannot wait to get our hands on every single adorable color in their collection!

If you’re as obsessed as we are, like Beezer on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and be sure to keep up with their latest news, releases, and press at Now it’s your turn to share! How could one of Beezer’s power banks make your life easier? Where do you plan to charge and go? Shout it out in the comments and let us know what you think about your new favorite device accessory.


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