There Might be Something Going Bump in the Night in These 10 Available Spooky Homes

The Boulder House
Sonoran Desert, Arizona

At first glance, the Boulder House looks like a really cool Flintstones-style desert home and while that is true, it’s also super creepy. The original homeowners built it in the ‘70s within natural boulders, which consist of around 60 percent of the structure, and though they built the house themselves, they weren’t the first humans to live in those rocks.

The boulders date back 1.6 billion years and while the house was being built, evidence of previous inhabitants were found, like pottery shards and rock carvings that date back 1,000 years. Another strange thing about this property is that on the spring and fall equinoxes, a six-inch-wide beam of light that passes through glass between two boulders moves across the floor and up a wall to a 36-inch petroglyph. When the sun hits it just right, it casts diamond-like projections all over the home. Now that’s some serious otherworldly eeriness right there.

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