Perfect Wedding Favors Everyone Will Love

Weddings are full of decisions–what to wear, what to eat, who to invite, and where to say “I do.” Most of the planning and details you attend to should be made with you and your partner in mind, since it’s an event to celebrate your love and commitment. One thing, however, that should be chosen with your guests fully in mind are the favors. Why would you want to waste money on items people will throw away? The spirit behind favors are to remind your friends, family, and loved ones about the most special day of your lives, something they can look back on fondly to help them remember why the stood by you to help honor your vows. It can be so easy to find useful, practical, and still fun and sweet tokens for your guests to take home, without breaking the bank. We collected some of our favorite ideas to help get you ready for wedding season, including a few from our favorite love-fests of last year. 1. Flip-flops Even if your wedding isn’t on the beach, everyone can use a pair of cute flip-flops. Just imagine mid-reception when people are tired of their uncomfortable shoes, or when your guests want to sneak off on midnight snack runs–they won’t need to fumble or wander around barefoot. Plenty of websites offer customizable, quality flip-flops in multiple sizes, allowing you to select the color, ornamentation, and even further customize them by putting your name and wedding date on the shoes. 2. Miniature succulents These tiny green babies are all the rage in home decor, so why not grab a few palettes to send home with your guests? Not only do they double as table decor, but they will compliment desks, kitchen tables, windowsills, and bedside tables. You can even print tiny care instructions with your wedding date on the other side, so your guests will know how to water, transplant, and raise their new friends. They are easy to pot and look great with any themed decor, so they will be a simple addition to your reception sure to make a pleasant impact on guests. 3. Miniature liquor bottles Everyone loves free booze, and there are so many ways to class up the classic airline bottles. Think small champagnes, tiny top shelf tequilas, wee wine bottles, or petite port bottles–you can even have them engraved or customized with special labels with your insignia. If you don’t care to modify the bottles, you can make tags with a themed wedding cocktail recipe featuring the liquor and tie them to the bottles. Look out, though, some guests might not wait before cracking them open, so be sure to check with the venue about their policies on bringing in outside alcohol. 4. A candy buffet No one can turn down candy, and with a table laden with cute confections, guests can create their own favors. Candy bars are simple to make, using various sized glass apothecary jars, small scoops, and a variety of sweet treats. You can even color coordinate them to your wedding, or go with a flavor theme. Small paper bags stamped with your names make perfect take-aways, and everyone will appreciate a little snack on the way home.

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