Welcome to South Park, Fat-Ass: Our 1998 South Park Cover Story

This article originally appeared in the March 1998 issue of SPIN. It is being republished in honor of the 25th anniversary of South Park.

Here’s how it works in the post-Simpsons era. The tremors start at coffee shops, movie queues, dorm rooms: young people talking in bizarre pinched voices. Goateed cashiers spouting off-color catchphrases. Strange little icons on T-shirts and screen savers. Then, the Web sites spring up. The upstart network flourishes. The single is released. The movie is announced. Suddenly, before you know it, we’re up to our bungholes in ’90s cartoon Zeitgeist.

With the unstoppable force of a dead-Chris Farley joke, Comedy Central’s sick, crudely animated half-hour show

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