This HARD Day Of The Dead Police Handout Is Straight Out Of The ’90s

HARD Day of the Dead took place at the Fairplex in Pomona, California this weekend, and in light of the untimely events that transpired during HARD Summer, the police spared no expense in combating illegal drug use at the event. In addition to redoubling law enforcement presence (which resulted in a staggering 310 arrests), organizers and officials also took a page out of organizations like DanceSafe’s book by incorporating harm reduction measures as well.

What they didn’t do was update their materials for modern audiences though. While the “Play Hard, Not High” pamphlets handed out at the event featured information recycled from an abandoned 2010 drug education campaign, the visual themes and general demonization of MDMA makes them seem even more dated.


Is it just me, or is the only thing missing from these pamphlets a grainy illustration of McGruff The Crime Dog? And yeah, thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to rat my friend out the moment he tells me that he’s got a headache.

All jokes aside, though, We Got This Covered reminds anyone attending events like HARD Day of the Dead to make their festival experience more about the music than the party – a lesson that anyone who pursues this lifestyle for a long period of time must learn.

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