SFX Entertainment’s List Of Unpaid Debts Emerges From Bankruptcy Filing

EDM conglomerate SFX Entertainment has found itself the subject of ongoing scrutiny in light of its recent bankruptcy filing, and in the days that have passed, numerous details of the company’s unsavory business practices have come to light. Most recently, after its bankruptcy filing, a list of SFX’s outstanding debts has reached the public.

Digital Music News obtained the list, and narrowed it down to only the 40 largest amounts. Among the more noteworthy individuals named is promoter Paolo Moreno, whom was just awarded an $11 million settlement after suing SFX Entertainment CEO Robert F.X. Sillerman for stealing the ideas which led to the company’s formation.

Many of the companies listed share direct ties to SFX – which would suggest a common interest in the company’s recovery. CrowdRX, for instance, was founded by SFX board member Andy Bazos – not to mention Postlight, which we revealed to have been an agency founded by laid-off Beatport engineers that the corporation apparently used as a means of avoiding a media circus.

The full list of the 40 biggest outstanding debts owed by SFX Entertainment is as follows:

1. Mountain B.V. (Jeroen H.J. Preller)

2. Lewis Holdings B.V. (Jeroen H.J. Preller)

3. Paolo Moreno; Gabriel Moreno; Lawrence Vavra; John C. Hueston

Hueston Hennigan LLP

4. React Presents, Inc.; Clubtix, Inc.; Lucas King; Jeffrey Callahan

Harlan D. Kahn, Esq.

Bronson & Kahn, LLC

5. Mike Bindra

Mitchell Lambert, Esq.; Robinson & Cole, LLP

6. Laurie DePalma

Mitchell Lambert, Esq.; Robinson & Cole, LLP

7. Beggars Canyon Investments Pty Ltd., trustee of The Skywalker Family Trust

8. Nightlife Holdings, LLC

9. Winston Farm Limited Partnership

10. Hoeksema Holdings B.V.

11. The Deyson Trust

12. The Raff Family Trust

13. The F. Cotela Family Trust

14. Paul Hastings LLP; William Sullivan, Esq.

15. Wesselink Holdings B.V.

16. BDO; Thomas McLoughlin

17. The Robot Samba Trust

18. VistaJet US

19. Jan Willem van der Meer


21. A2 Live

22. Berco Beute

23. Steptoe & Johnson

Michael Rennock, Esq.

24. American Express

25. Epic Tents

26. Joe Rascoff

27. NetSuite

28. PRS for Music (formerly MCPS)

29. Postlight LLC

30. Facebook, Inc.

(David M. Serepca)

31. GAIA

32. Front Gate Ticketing Solutions LLC

33. Mabey, Inc.

34. Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

35. Nachtlab

36. Prisa Mexico

37. Crowd RX

38. Galmiche Entertainment

39. Enterprise Rent a Car

40. Paxahau

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