RAP-TURES OF THE RIGHTEOUS: A Definitive Lineage of Christian Hip Hop

There are more reasons than not to call Jesus a rapper. By the definitions of his day: a gangster rapper. Check the Bible, it’s all in there—a young ruffian delivering verses on street corners amongst society’s outcasts, labeled a dangerous thug by an oppressive government, judged by a self-serving, holier-than-thou church system. Constantly broaching subjects forbidden by the establishment, performing for enraptured crowds hanging on every word, making brazen scenes in public,, and he’s not a white guy? Let’s call it like it is, Jesus is a rapper.

If Christ then was Biggie (apologies to 2Pac), the twelve apostles — Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, Jude,

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