Hearing Aide: Gates/Dunn/Fox Deliriant Modifier

Deliriant Modifier, a new collaborative album by Sally Gates (Titan to Tachyons), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) and Greg Fox releases on October 20. The record is inspired by a neuroscience thesis by Anil Seth, and explores ideas of limitation, perception, and improvisation in the musical realm.

Sally Gates references neuroscientist Anil Seth’s thesis, saying: “Perception = controlled hallucinations. Hallucinations = uncontrolled perception”. The group took this as inspiration, using controlled perception as a grounding idea in the creation of their record. Deliriant Modifier is entirely improvised, with the exception certain parameters, cues, and duration times set in place for each track.

Improvising is the result of a natural outpouring of everything

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