GWAR Performs at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series, Upcoming Shows in NY

With over-the-top costumes, a bleeding drum set, and some drawn-on abs, the heavy metal band GWAR performed for the National Public Radio’s (NPR) Tiny Desk Concert video series. The band is also to play in Syracuse on Aug. 1 as a part of “The Psychotherapy Sessions” tour. @media(min-width:0px){#div-gpt-ad-nysmusic_com-medrectangle-3-0-asloaded{max-width:300px;width:300px!important;max-height:250px;height:250px!important}}

GWAR was originally founded in 1984, but has featured a rotating cast of musicians since then. The band orbits around their own mythos as barbaric interstellar warriors, each member wearing a costume and taking on a character. Their shows are known for violent and sexual humor, complete with displays of graphic violence with fake bodily fluids. @media(min-width:0px){#div-gpt-ad-nysmusic_com-medrectangle-4-0-asloaded{max-width:336px;width:336px!important;max-height:280px;height:280px!important}}

Their performance at NPR and their

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