Doja Cat Replies to Snot's 'F!*ked That Bitch Named Doja Cat'

$not has dropped a new song which features A$AP Rocky and a Doja Cat name-drop that Doja doesn’t appear to be feeling very much.

Today (Feb. 4), the Brooklyn-born and Florida-living rapper unleashed his latest track, “Doja,” in which he rhymes on the hook that he had sexual relations with Doja Cat. To the particular mention of the Planet Her artist, she replied in a now-deleted tweet, “you fucked who?”

On the track, $not raps, “Why these niggas talkin’ fuckin’ shit?/I-I-I told ’em pipe down, I don’t need no little bitch (Huh?)/I fucked that bitch named Doja Cat, pull up in a Scat Pack (Haha)/Windows tinted all black (Go, go), bulletproof and all that (Go).”

It’s unclear

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