Saudi Cup 2023: Updated Odds, And What Top Favorite Taiba Has To Do To Rope In His $10-Million Cut Of A $20-Million Pot

To snare the victor’s hefty fifty percent of the Saudi Cup’s mind-boggling $20 million, the contenders will test their athleticism and their street smarts for what is being called “1800 meters.” But! To hell with that, let’s call it what it is: The Saudi Cup is being contested over a track that’s just a hair shy of a mile-and-an-eighth.

Specifically, the Saudi Cup is 1.118 miles long. The Preakness is one-and-three-sixteenths of a mile long, or 1.187 miles. The point is that American trainers, and to an extent UK trainers, think of the Preakness as a short race. Taking that view for a moment, it’s useful to

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