Pirelli Enlists Prince Gyasi For A Radically Reincarnated 50th Calendar

Formerly infamous for its ‘soft-porn for the C-suite’ salaciousness – brand-sanctioned girlie calendars largely from and for a distinctly heteronormative male gaze – Italian tyre brand Pirelli has long had a job on its hands to keep the undoubtedly coveted ‘Cal’ relevant for an irrevocably changed cultural mood.

Not only does the 50th edition/60th anniversary of the art project jettison anachronistic erotica (including now-laughable product placement – see Uwe Ommer’s 1984 edition featuring tyre tracks on nude sun-kissed bums) but it also ditches its formula for using iconic fashion photographers to parlay style magazine aspiration into art. Enter: 28-year-old Ghanaian visual artist Prince Gyasi, the first Black

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