Trudon Candles Once Lit Louis XIV’s Chambers

At Trudon, established in 1643, the scented-candle process is complicated, and its fragrances are designed to evoke a mood

Why do some candles cost hundreds of dollars and others just a few?

A creative approach to scent, the use of quality ingredients and production by hand are some of the answers evident at the Trudon factory in Mortagne-au-Perche, a small town about two hours’ drive west of Paris.

Especially the scent. While inexpensive candles generally use one-note fragrances like rose, jasmine or cinnamon, Trudon has focused on distinctive combinations designed to evoke a mood — or, as the brand’s creative director, Julien Pruvost, described it, “to tell a story.”

Trudon’s newest fragrance, Tuileries,

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