The Artist Ewa Juszkiewicz Paints Stylish Women With Hidden Faces

Ewa Juszkiewicz’s paintings depict well-dressed women whose faces are hidden by mushrooms, textiles and wild hairdos.

Ewa Juszkiewicz was staring at a portrait of Katarzyna Starzenska, a Polish aristocrat and social fixture, completed in 1804.

“She had many romances,” Ms. Juszkiewicz said. “She was partying a lot. She was basically an influencer.”

“Other women all wanted to dress like her,” she said.

The small painting by François Gérard, which presents Starzenska in a black dress and red shawl, was displayed at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, a museum that was once the home of Polish monarchs.

“I think her black dress is velvet,” Ms. Juszkiewicz said. “The red shawl — probably cashmere? Cashmere had

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