Take your 3D concept design to the next level

A new course on 3D concept design promises to take you further than mere kitbashing. And we’ve got a special discount code for Creative Bloq readers that will get you a massive $40 off!

Brought to you by The Concept Art Workshop, this special online training is led by Gurmukh Bhasin, a concept artist for Cloud Imperium Games.

The course will focus on Maya and Photoshop, and hard surface design.

Get the discount

The lessons come in the form of downloadable video sessions, and you can get your special discount by entering the code 40off when you sign up on the course website.

Here’s the syllabus in full…

Module 1:

  • Introduce Project – Single Seat Fighter Spaceship
  • Reference Collection
  • Thumbnail Sketches
  • Homework: 50 Silhouette Thumbnails Sketches & 50 Reference Images

Module 2:

  • 3D Massing Techniques
  • Designing To Actual Units & Human Scale
  • Homework: 3 Options Of Rough 3D Massing Spaceships

Module 3:

  • Start Design Of Final Ship
  • SubD Modeling Techniques In Maya
  • How To Use Reference As Design Aid
  • Homework: Start Model & Design Of Final Ship. Complete Area 1 (e.g. the wings)

Module 4:

  • More Modeling Tools: Lattice, Deformation, Etc.
  • Build For Reality
  • Homework: Complete Area 2 (e.g. the tail)

Module 5:

  • More Modeling Tools: Focus on Sub D Toolset.
  • Homework: Complete Area 3 Of Final Model (e.g. the body)

Module 6:

  • Special Guidance Session To Assist Towards Final Goal
  • Homework: Continue Modeling and Designing and Complete Another Area (e.g doors and landing gear)

Module 7:

  • Interiors, Cockpit, and Relations To Human Scale
  • Homework: Continue Modeling and Designing and Complete Another Area (e.g. weapons)

Module 8:

  • Transferring Models To Keyshot
  • Materials & Lighting In Keyshot
  • Homework: Render Out Ship Designs

Module 9:

  • Final Touches In Photoshop
  • Compositing Render Passes
  • Adding Dirt, Blending & FX
  • Homework: Photoshop Compositing For Final Images

Module 10:

  • Final Review
  • Homework: Ship Design & Final Presentation Critique

Don’t delay, sign up today here using the 40off discount code.

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