Student Project | E-WASTE LOOP-LINE-Retrace of mangrove memory | Chen Yifan

Winner of the 2022 WLA Student Awards – Merit Award in the Concept – Design category

“Accra” comes from the Akan language “nkran”, which means “a group of ants”. The name “Nkran” comes from thousands of ant mounds distributed on the Accra plain. Agbogloshie, where the site is located, is the largest e-waste landfill in Accra, Ghana. This project aims to restore the local mangrove ecology and reshapes the memories of local residents by changing the e-waste dealing manners from the problems of housing, ecology and electronic pollution.  

In 2000s, developed countries regarded Ghana as a dumping ground for their e-waste. Now e-waste incineration prevailed in

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