Student Project | A New Calling Card for An Old Industrial City | Lu Pengyu, Qin Huayun & Hua Chuan Wang

Fushun is a prefecture-level city in Liaoning province, China, about 45 km (28 mi) east of Shenyang. It has a population of 2,138,090 (2010 census) and covers a total area of 11,272 km2 (4,352 sq mi), of which 714 km2 (276 sq mi) is the city proper. The average elevation in Fushun is 80 meters above sea level. It is located in the temperate zone with a continental monsoon climate.

Regional mapping, site analysis and historical timeline.

Fushun is an important industrial base in Liaoning Province. As an industrial city, Fushun prospered from the early years of the founding of the People’s Republic of China up to the period of

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