Returning to The Yangtze River: The Resilient Riverfront Design of The Kowloon Bund in Chongqing

Launching as the first phase of Chongqing’s initiative, “Two Rivers and Four Banks,” The Kowloon Bund Riverfront project aims to bring urban life back to the Yangtze River.  This design is proposed as the focus of the city’s urban development: its creation of a culturally conscious and climate-adapted riverfront zone plays a key role in forging this mountainous region into a resilient city.

To accommodate the riverbank’s everchanging water levels and the ecological fragility of its fluctuation zone, the design team emphasizes “seasonal usage” as the project’s core concept and implements a multi-dimensional public space system. By integrating the cultural significance of the Kowloon Slope District, the project reshapes the landscape to highlight the Kowloon Bund,

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