How the Creators of ‘M3gan’ Designed the Doll’s Costumes

The titular star of the horror film “M3gan,” released last week, had to try on several outfits before finding a signature look.

A doll’s clothes can be as memorable as any worn by a human, especially if that doll has a taste for blood.

Talky Tina, the demonic toy made famous by “The Twilight Zone,” had her plaid dress with a dainty lace-trimmed collar. Annabelle, the sinister doll that first appeared in “The Conjuring,” has her white gown with leg-of-mutton sleeves. And even those who have not seen “Child’s Play” (or its sequels) probably know of Chucky and his blue overalls.

The titular star of the horror film “M3gan” stands to be

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