Handy online tool makes interface design easier

Today sees the launch of Figma, the world’s first professional-grade tool specifically created for interface design. Taking two years to build, Figma founders Dylan Field and Evan Wallace have perfected the software, which will compete head-to-head with Adobe while being based entirely online.

Packed with everything creative teams and engineers need to design web and app interfaces more effectively, Figma lives in the cloud and allows every member to work on a project together at the same time.

“For years software has been moving away from the operating system and into the cloud,” says Dylan Field, founder and CEO of Figma. “But design software hasn’t caught up, ­­ it is offline and isolated. Designers want to work differently, but the underlying technology required to create a professional design tool online didn’t exist, ­­ until now.”

Figma engineer

Built using the dynamic WebGL API, Figma keeps designs secure yet inherently shareable. Based on owner authorization, team members can review or edit shared designs on any operating system, using any device.

Figma integrates powerful interface design tools including flexible grid and constraint systems, plus a live device preview that’s only one click away.

With designers being able to contribute over long distances, Figma has helped fill the gap where design tools currently are and where they should be in the future.

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Words: Dom Carter

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