Edison and Ford Winter Estates Florida Tips For Travellers Video Highlights

Take a look at the video I made of the highlights of the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Winter Estates near Fort Myers in Florida.

In 1885 Thomas Edison, the prolific inventor of everything from light bulbs to the gramophone, decided to create a winter retreat for his family

in Florida. He created these gorgeous grounds and beautiful houses in a remote and overgrown area not far from Fort Myers. Each season his family lived and played in this restful and homely estate while he continued to work relentlessly in laboratories in the garden.

His close friend Henry Ford, who with Edison’s encouragement built and made combustion engine cars accessible to the average man, bought the house next door in 1916. He and his family would visit each winter to be with Edison for his birthday.

The combined estate filled with genuine furniture loaned by the families is open to visitors to view, along with a museum celebrating the achievements of these two influential American innovators.

I visited it on a Titan Travel “Best of Florida” tour: http://bit.ly/TitanFlorida

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