Designers react to the new Gumtree logo

It was high time the UK’s digital classified ads giant modernised their site. With one in four people in the UK using Gumtree at least once a month, the brand’s identity needed to be recognisable on all formats – from billboards to mobile devices.

Part of the re-design was, of course, a new logo design.

Customer research indicated that the original tree logo wasn’t particularly admired and lacked practicality. The new tree design, Koto’s James Greenfield says, is “all the positive natural connotations of growth, stability and diversity whilst making [Gumtree] an instantly recognisable icon.”

Koto Gumtree rebrand

However, he continues, “[The new logo] isn’t about visual seduction. It’s functional.” The tree had to be successful on a range of scales.

The site tweeted a cheeky poll to ask users opinions on the new design and had varied responses – as typical when a major brand makes a change.

What do you think of our new logo?

— Gumtree (@Gumtree) January 7, 2016

But what do designers think? Is this new icon really immediately recognisable, making an impact alongside other online brands like Google, Facebook and parent company, Ebay?

Gumtree has rebranded for 2016 – with help from Koto design studio. Much better!!

— Logo Geek (@Logo_Geek) January 8, 2016

In a first for most major rebrands, the overwhelming response was that of approval, with designers actively tweeting about their love for it.

Quite like the new @Gumtree logo and branding.

— Kevin Lofthouse (@kevinlofthouse) January 8, 2016

@hunterlangston Like the negative space in the branding. Nice and clean. Nice work on your website too!

— Scamp Creative (@ScampCreative) January 8, 2016

Nice rebrand of @Gumtree#design#logo#branding good work @studiokoto

— Mark Rigney (@M_Rigney) January 7, 2016

However, many have pointed out the similarity to other brands, making it not so individual and recognisable as they hoped…

@Gumtree not sure, looks quite similar to @parkrunUK#logo#rebrand

— Matt Dossett (@M4ttDossett) January 7, 2016

Ermmm @Gumtree I’d have a word with your designers!

— Nick Spiller (@Nickspiller0812) January 8, 2016

And others don’t think it’s quite as “on-brand”…

@Gumtree@Gumtree why simplify? Just makes you look more corporate. Also doesn’t mean anything clear. Dislike.

— Matt Meech (@mattmeech) January 7, 2016

What do you think? Is Gumtree growing in the right direction or should it snip its new look in the bud?

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