Blobby sculpture functions as cash desk inside Rains' Aarhus boutique

Rainwear brand Rains has juxtaposed minimalist restraint with free-form contemporary artworks inside its revamped flagship store in Aarhus, Denmark.

The brand’s first-ever store, originally opened in 2016, was updated with the introduction of industrial touches such as graffiti and stainless steel hardware alongside custom works by local artists.

“We want to tickle the customers’ curiosity,” Rains‘ in-house design team told Dezeen.

A blobby sculpture envelops the cash desk of this Rains store

At the centre of the store, Danish artist Jacob Egebjerg played with the convention of the cash desk by creating a vast sculptural element to envelop this functional area.

Carved from polystyrene foam, the sculpture resembles a cascade

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