A Young Artist Takes to Social Media to Bring Attention to Real-Life Black Nobility

Glory Samjolly turned to social media to document the real life Black gentry gaining attention through pop culture sensations such as “Bridgerton.”

During a visit to a villa in Naples, Italy, Glory Samjolly cajoled her sister and a friend to engage in a witty form of cosplay. Posed regally in a period pastiche of men’s brocade vests, neck ruffs, knee breeches and lavishly embroidered frock coats, they were captured by Ms. Samjolly in a group portrait, its playfully subversive title, “The Honorable Women of Slayage in their study.”

For all its pomp and vibrancy, the painting might have gone unnoticed, except that the artist and her other two subjects were Black.


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