Meet The World’s Only Truffle Concierge At The Savoy In Florence

I’m in a kerfuffle – about truffles! White or black? From what country? And why are they so expensive?

Well, I could find out everything about truffles by researching on Google. But I believe it’s much, much better to find out firsthand from a walking encyclopedia of truffles – Giulio Benuzzi. The charming Mr. Benuzzi is the official Truffle Concierge at the posh Savoy Hotel in Florence, Italy, and he graciously granted me an interview from Italy to talk about those treasured tubers. (You are now entering a world that is truffle-luscious and musky-wonderful, to paraphrase ee cummings.)

What makes you a professional truffle hunter?

I started in 1999 – I was planning wine-and-food experiences

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