Looking for a budget holiday for 2022? Zanzibar ticks all the boxes

Mohamed climbs up the boat, pops open his Kilimanjaro beer and moves us aside: “Be careful, we are going to pull the spritsail up”. As we start sailing, the last rays of sunlight are fading and scarlet tones grab hold of the sky.

They say sunsets are breathtaking in Zanzibar, Tanzania’s tropical archipelago, but what they don’t tell you is that it’s also a party island.

The crew starts playing the bongos, Mohamed shakes the maracas and everyone starts singing a typical Tanzanian song:

Jambo, Jambo bwana, (Hello, Hello sir)

Wageni, Wakaribishwa (Visitors are welcome),

Zanzibar yetu, Hakuna Matata. (To Zanzibar, Hakuna Matata)

There are a couple of Romanians dancing with Burundians, a shirtless banker

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