Bolivian Wine: high altitude, high quality and…healthy?

Bolivian wine-growers in Tarija are continuing a centuries-old tradition in a bid to join the world stage with their unique and potentially healthy wines.

In the department of Tarija, southern Bolivia, little known vineyards are producing wine almost 2,000m above sea level. They have been growing grapes here since Jesuit missionaries started the tradition in the 17th Century.

The wine production is mostly concentrated at an altitude of 1,600m to 2,000m. However, in hot Andean regions there are some crops as high as 3,000m.

“Winemaking in the rest of the world ends where we begin,” says Helmut Kohlberg, Vineyard Director at Bodegas Kohlberg.

“In all parts of the world, the winemaking is at

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