The Sounds of the 1980 Winter Olympics: Chuck Mangione’s “Give it All You Got” and the Crane School of Music Compose a Soundtrack for Lake Placid

As the XXIV Olympic Winter Games take place in Beijing, China, we look back 42 years to the XIII Olympic Winter Games held in Lake Placid from February 13, 1980 to February 24, 1980. Home of the Miracle on Ice and speedskater Eric Heiden winning five gold medals, the Lake Placid Winter Olympics brought together 1,072 athletes from 37 countries to take part in 38 official events in February 1980.

Opening ceremony photo courtesy Lake Placid Olympic Sites

The games also featured a theme song, in the form of Rochester Jazz legend Chuck Mangione’s “Give it All You Got,” a tune released a week before the games, that would chart as

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