Spaghetti Eastern Music Releases Solo Electric Guitar Score from Dance Piece “2 x 2 x 4”

In collaboration with P.S. 122 co-founder and performance artist Charles Dennis, Spaghetti Eastern Music today releases a solo electric guitar score for the dance piece “2 X 2 X 4.” Recorded live at Avant-Garde Arama Festival in Woodstock in July 2021, the three-track, 20-minute collection is available as a digital download exclusively on Spaghetti Eastern Music’s Bandcamp site, via Bad Egg Records 3100. 

Premiering in 1989 to raves in media like The Village Voice, Charles Dennis’ “2 x 2 x 4” is an offbeat dance duet performed with fourteen wooden 2 x 4s, one whose mood is now heightened by Cataldi’s atmospheric, looped and layered guitar extrapolations captured on this live EP.  Avant-Garde-Arama

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