Mazda MX-5 990S Special Edition Gets Surprise Reveal

The world’s biggest selling roadster, the Mazda MX-5, has always been about weight. Or perhaps I should say keeping the weight down. Now, in Japan, the Hiroshima-based company has re-focused the spotlight back onto its popular two-door by coming out with lightest ever ND-generation MX-5.

At a special MX-5 owners meeting in the Karuizawa holiday area 100 miles north of Tokyo last week, Mazda took its MX-5 back to its roots and unveiled a surprise addition to the MX-5 family, the ‘MX-5 990S.’

So what’s this car all about? Firstly the name comes from the coupe being based on the S grade of MX-5 and tipping the scales

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