Koenigsegg’s Absurdly Awesome 1,600hp Jesko ‘Megacar’ Gets A Proper Intro From The Man Himself

Really, in my book, there are two people making cars these days that truly bear watching: Elon Musk and Christian von Koenigsegg. Musk we all know. Swedish impresario Koenigsegg (say “Cone-egg-seg”) is certainly familiar to supercar fans but is a bit more removed from the mainstream, likely as his focus is a bit more… focused on his cars, and he tends not to wander off-task to start civilizations on other planets, tunnel or hyperloop between cities and develop mind-computer linking systems. But who knows, maybe Christian is secretly working on world domination plans or is training to take down Conor McGregor in the octagon. Even money, I’d say.

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