SO–IL’s Brooklyn Amant Foundation art campus embraces idiosyncrasies of clay and cement brick

An internationally recognized firm, SO–IL’s latest project in East Williamsburg is close to where the Brooklyn-based team operates. On June 5th, the Amant Foundation opened a multi-building art campus as the nonprofit art group’s new headquarters. The 21,000-square-foot project is spread across four buildings—315 Maujer Street, 932 Grand Street, with two at 306 Maujer—and will house exhibitions, public events, archival projects, performances, and a residency program. While serving an extremely collective program, the four buildings evoke their own identity through unique materialities of contrasted clay and cement brick that reference the industrial context of the site.

Facade Fabricator
618 Design (315 Maujer)
Vertical Spaces (315 Maujer & 932 Grand)
Eurocraft (306 Maujer)Architect
SO–ILFacade Consultant

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