New and improved curtain wall solutions provide the tightest seals yet

Reducing the need for additional insulation, these curtain wall systems achieve thermal efficiency while keeping out air and water and reducing building sway. The following products showcase materials that can be used to pursue various aesthetics.

(Courtesy Vitro)

Solarban R77

The new Solarban R77 neutral-reflective glass features a subtle but impactful silver-blue tone and code-friendly solar controls. Applicable in Vitro curtain wall systems, this product has low emissivity while reflecting the sky above.

(Courtesy C.R. Laurence)

Series 4500 Curtain Wall
C.R. Laurence

Integrating C.R. Laurence’s proprietary UNIflash, a system that sweeps infiltrated water to the exterior, the new stick and panel–type Series 4500 Curtain Wall system incorporates pressure-relieved horizontals. Nonconductive injection-molded thermoplastic connectors ensure total thermal

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