Emmanuel Olunkwa: A Multifaceted Designer Gets a New Platform With Pin-Up Magazine

Emmanuel Olunkwa is named editor of Pin-Up, the fashionable architectural and design magazine.

Name: Emmanuel Olunkwa

Age: 27

Hometown: Los Angeles

Now Lives: In a one-bedroom apartment in the Stuyvesant Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Claim to Fame: Mr. Olunkwa is a filmmaker, independent magazine editor and furniture designer who was just named the new editor of Pin-Up magazine. He views his cross-disciplinary practice as keeping with the mantra of Marshall McLuhan, the communication theorist who taught that “the medium is the message.” “I am of the Tumblr generation,” he said. “I have always been able to kind of curate my world.”

Big Break: Growing up in Los Angeles, Mr. Olunkwa first became interested in design

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